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Treat your guests to a delicious meal, without having to spend hours shopping and preparing dinner. La Casserole works out of pure passion on your dinner wishes. You simply order a menu of your choice online or by telephone, pick it up at the agreed location and serve your guests an exceptional dinner. The menus are fully prepared by us, you only need to heat the meals in the oven. Of course you will receive an extensive description from us with the actions that are still expected from you at home to serve a delicious dinner.

Do you or one of your guests have a food allergy or intolerance? Let us know! La Casserole takes care of all your guests, we know no restrictions and ensure that every invitee gets a delicious, fresh and responsible meal.

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Put a true spectacle on the table

Whatever the occasion and whoever your guests are, give yourself the knowledge that the dinner will be perfect. We work with the best quality products and prepare the menus with love. You deserve no other! If you provide a beautifully set table, warmth through mood lighting and appropriate music, then you are ready to serve a restaurant-worthy dinner. La Casserole will amaze you with the full flavors and the beautiful appearance of what you put on the table. A true culinary spectacle in your own living room.

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At La Casserole we understand that it is difficult to choose. Ask us the question, we think in possibilities and provide a suitable way to provide you and your guests with a wonderful evening.

Be sure to inquire about the other packages that La Casserole offers at Henkenshage Castle in Sint-Oedenrode or at Het Ketelhuis in Eindhoven. You will be amazed at everything we can do for you.

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